Quick Updates
If you type "@player1234" there name will be highlighted in yellow for that person only and the Facebook notification sound will go off, alerting the player that someone is speaking to them
Good news and Bad news: Bad news, Kits are being nerfed greatly. Good news, kits for ranks are coming back.
Rank Reset: [link]
Finally got my charger back. Will be much more active.
SUAMP will be down for an hour for maintenance
You do not have access to shout
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mr_creeper557URGH, why are kits being nerfed? -.-
[Owner] UrWrstThnMe   Because they are too op right now and we are adding kits to ranks
[Admin] Athe97Remember people: Send me or eli suggestions for the server on skype or via the website (message or email). The reset is soon!
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rummy88Thank you elijknyg
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[Admin] Athe97   Eli is such a helpful sheep
Whitefang400   Except when she goes around eating everyone's grass -.-
rummy88guys how do I vote for suamp
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[Admin] elijknyg   [link]

click on the buttons that say "vote" next to the website names, enter the captcha and your minecraft username while you are on the server and you will get your rewards
[Admin] Athe97Reset estimated day: 10th-12th October
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[Owner] UrWrstThnMe I would be beyond grateful if anyone donates to my Mothers Funeral:
Click here to support Services for Tammy by Nichole Lovett
Tammy MaDan passed away suddenly September 19th, 2014. She left behind 6 beautiful children, one of whom suffers from severe autism. We would like to have a nice service to honor T...
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[Admin] Athe97I have been assigned ownership of SUAMP alongside Eli an Nuke who will help me improve the server and bring back the old suamp. If you have any suggestions please contact me on skype: athenais0897
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mr_creeper557   Im gonna host my own server, but i mean i can help you guys as well.
Whitefang400   I shall be staff in ur server mr_creeper ! -.-
mr_creeper557   Ill see. but ik a lot about factions
[Admin] Athe97Please read and vote
Super Ultra Awesome MultiPlayer
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[Owner] UrWrstThnMe [link]
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[Owner] UrWrstThnMe   Possible Rank/Kit Reset
[Owner] UrWrstThnMe There will be a 25% off everything sale from now til October 15th.
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Whitefang400How do people from teamSuamp get their voting reward ?
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[Owner] UrWrstThnMe   Speak to Alby directly about that
Whitefang400   Urwrst I told alby like 3 days ago and he said he didn't know ? What do I do because if you voted for teamSUAMP you want to get ur reward FOR teamSUAMP and not waste it on the only shop availible , which is mcSUAMP :) . #DatSUAMPlifedoh
mr_creeper557Why doesnt suamp have alot of people on it anymore?
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[Owner] UrWrstThnMe   SUAMP has taken a wrong turn as well as school playing a factor.
kandhu   School I guess
mr_creeper557   eh I guess
[Owner] UrWrstThnMe Please Read:
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platonherobrine $what can i take from kit vip?
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a_garcia32701 $  Kit pvp give u a full set of diamond armor 2 golden apples (not god) a sharp 1 diamond sword power 1 bow and 16 ender pearls
a_garcia32701 $  Woops read that wrong
Kit VIP from team. Suamp. I think u cant buy it cause team is a vanilla server
AFewDucks $When you open minecraft, if you click on edit [under your selected profile] you can choose to run 1.7.10 and still play on the server.
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