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AZN_Nachos has been banned from the website, soon the server
Spring Break sale: 20% off kits and Suamp Credits for a week!
Weekly drop parties every saturday between 12PM and 2PM! Tell your friends!
Thank you 9909Ewan9909 for donating 10$ to SUAMP!
Stay tuned for new event!
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coolpuppy123#Roam and coolpuppy teamed up and won and saved GodSquads F home. TY so much Roam for helping my new vault/f home stand stroung and I will always remember the time because you helped me so much! have a great day everyone. Puppy Out!
Snick_A_Loaf yeah
kandhuwhy was AZN banned lol.
coolpuppy123GodSquad and Reborn are callng out to III to say "We are starting war. It is not a pvp war it is going to be a Raiding war. The one way you die is when someone is in you'er base they can kill you." it will start April 1st so Good luck to ReGod and III
PrancingDegree6Hey guys it's Prancing. Sorry I pretty much ditched the server when it was being reset. It was stupid of me to act the way I did and I should have made a better attempt of staying with the server. I decided that I will try to be active on the server again. Most of it will probably be through forums but I will try to get on the server. I'm sorry I acted the way I did Athe and I want to apologize.
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[Admin] elijknyg   look forward to it <3 missed you
UrWrstThnMe   added 90 Ultimate days to SUAMP
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UrWrstThnMe   added 30 Ultimate days to SUAMP
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9909Ewan9909   donated $10.00 to SUAMP.
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9909Ewan9909 I'm back, I know a lot of you don't like this. But im here and better then ever
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SUAMP has reached a new record of 1100 registered users today!
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AZN_Nachos x and AZN_Nachos x  added a total of 14 Ultimate days to SUAMP
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AZN_Nachos x and AZN_Nachos x  donated a total of $10.00 to SUAMP
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UrWrstThnMe   added 30 Ultimate days to SUAMP
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SlimeMaster01 Remember to use our ticket system if there are any server issues :)
SlimeMaster01 Today marks my 1 year anniversary on SUAMP! Thanks for a great year! <3
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PrancingDegree6   Don't want to be a party pooper but it says you joined Feb 8 2014.
SlimeMaster01   That's probably when I joined the website. I'm talking about first time I logged on
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