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We now have a GUN SHOP on the server! Go to /warp shop and check it out! :)
Thank you for donating masonsonfire! Red color suits your name :)
You now receive two SC per vote
We have cut down to 5 voting sites to increase votes on the primary sources of players. More will be cut down soon.
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[Owner] Athe97 What would you like in your New Year kit guys? Planning ahead so that I don't forget lol :)
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ihaschezbrgr   Green and Red Leather Armor with 64 cookies named "Santa's Cookies." Also an enchanted iron sword with Unbreaking I and an enchanted diamond pickaxe with Unbreaking I (Enchanted so that people can't enchant them to make them super op).
GeneralRafael   A book that will make your day :)
xXazeemXx   I think you should have fireworks, since thats what people use on new years
UrWrstThnMePlanetMinecraft is the most important site to vote on! Please keep voting there. It would also be terrific if you could Diamond, Favorite and leave a comment! :) thank you
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SlimeMaster01   Everyone that does gets a sacred compliment from Eli! (He doesn't know about this)
UrWrstThnMeA few features you may have not known about:
- Visit the 'Members' page @ [link]
- You can create/edit your motto
- You can view the top 20 players of all time and the top ten players of the month
- You can view upcoming birthdays
- You can also sort every member that has joined by the following criteria: Alphabetical Order, Join Date, Last Seen, Credit Points, and Motto
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[Admin] elijknygDon't forget our shop sale ends on November 30th guys - It's 20% off on all ranks/upgrades!
Merry Thanksgiving and don't get trampled tomorrow while shopping :)
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TheKingTim   ur such a stud eli
ihaschezbrgr   Yes, we'll all get trampled when trying to squeeze through Urwrstthnme's computer screen into the virtual store to try and purchase rank. We'll all trample each other for those fantastic 20% off deals :)
UrWrstThnMe   added 30 Ultimate days to SUAMP
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theonethatum   Thanks UrWrstThnMe
UrWrstThnMeThanksgiving Sale: 20% off ranks and rank upgrades.

November 22 -> November 30
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SlimeMaster01Add meh on snapchat and send me you ign! I'll try and respond as much as I can :) (I get really bored of school)

Snapchat: markrut2278
carlojuan123   mah ign is carlojuan123
GeneralRafael"Lest We Forget" -Remembrance Day 2014
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TheKingTimBe sure to diamond SUAMP on Planet Minecraft if you haven't already!!!
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mr_creeper557It would've been cool If SUAMP had a /kit trickortreat for a halloween special.. But no, none of the admins think like this .
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mr_creeper557   mhm, there should be a kit every holiday..
AFewDucks   Kit thanksgiving should be leather armor dyed and a TON of food
kandhu   pls no chicken
GeneralRafaelSUAMP est l'un des meilleurs serveur dans le monde !
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Whitefang400   And athe said that she agreed
carlojuan123   staph using Google translate
xXazeemXx   I thought it said Suamp is the best server on mondays
MCGamerX19   donated $1.00 to SUAMP.
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[Owner] Athe97   Thank you for donating to SUAMP, MCGamerX19!
GeneralRafaelThank you for everything SUAMP! :)
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[Owner] Athe97   Thank you for being a part of SUAMP!
SlimeMaster01Everyone make sure to tell all your friends to come on SUAMP!!! This will make up for the lack of friends I have :)
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Baconman205   Don't worry slime. You will have friends eventually... you probably have more than me anyways. lol
packers12000   U have us doesn't that count :)
packers12000   :)
DavidPlasmaFTWAlways welcome new players! :) :)
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