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SUAMP will be down for an hour for maintenance
shop should be open
So everyone knows we are still working on the reset, somethings went wrong that delayed my planned time.
Resist the Change: [link]
Dont forget about the Reset: [link]
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[Mod] PrancingDegree6I'm back I hope all of you had a great Labor Day.
a_garcia32701 $Guys check out my appeal
kandhu   Mai gawd you don't need an apeal for a 5 day ban.
a_garcia32701 $So guys wat new?
a_garcia32701 $Well guys won't see u for 5 days cause im banned
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kandhu   why??
[Mod] Athe97Guys, Alby is going to host a mini event so if you feel like fighting someone in a cool arena thing, now's your chance!
micahw17 $UrWrstThnMe please tell me why Garretw19 and I are banned... We really love this server and we don't think we could play any other without suamp.
ihaschezbrgr $  Suggestion: Make an Appeal.
micahw17 $  how?
ihaschezbrgr $  You Click on the Forums bar at the top, then you go to the appeal catagory, and make a New Thread. then you type your appeal.
[Admin] alby555 $The end will be released on the 2nd of september. Lets get everyone back to the the server and also all inventories were restored :d. Also dont forget about xKillers Archer games on Saturday.
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a_garcia32701 $  ALBY
XzombiesrepicXWhy do you keep resetting the map to a previous save!!!!! It's so irritating cause I lost like 80 wolves, 27 sets of diamond armor, and an entire base made of Obsidian!
XzombiesrepicX   We didnt we raided DigiSquad's base and they had all that stuff
XzombiesrepicX   The diamond armor I mean
XzombiesrepicX   the wolves I spent hours breeding and the Obsidian we mined. I see no abusing of anything there
jack0falltrades7can you please cut this reset shit out? I just lost my 3 sets of VR prot 4 armor. and I mean the first time it was fine, second time please stop, but I just lost my armor, almost TWENTY FUCKING SEVEN SETS OF KIT PVP ARMOR I got from a raid, my silk touch pick, and both of my factions set spawners. not to mention almost a weeks worth of base work. so please stop
[Mod] Athe97   Its not a reset, its a rollback. We have been trying to fix the problem for days now. Players have lost their echests and inventories. Everyone was complaining about it. alby555 have been able to get back inventories from several players now. Hopefully things will sort of go back to normal.
kandhu   Holy crap stop complaining everyone lost there crap.
ClassicSchmidty8 $  Ok so all i have to say about this is give him his 3 sets of prot 4 he got from voting because it is kind of his reward for voting 150 times in a month.
micahw17 $Garretw19 says that if you unban him he will buy kit pvp 1.
micahw17 $Is my brother (Garretw19) banned forever? Or just a few days or weeks? Please tell me.
micahw17 $  Yesterday night... right before the server crashed I think.
micahw17 $  Plus I am banned too, probably he banned the router ip.
micahw17 $  anyone?!?!?
[Admin] alby555 $Reqeusting athe97 to message me on skype as soon as she see's this.
micahw17 $  I hate server crashes
[Mod] Athe97   I am here dear alby
[Admin] alby555 $  Alright athes inventory returned next i want to see is ryry07
[Mod] Athe97Server is back up. Enjoy.
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kandhu   And it's down again.
XzombiesrepicXHow Do I enjoy a life without SUAMP!!!!! ;)
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Baconman205   Without SUAMP, I probably wouldn't play Minecraft. :p
GeneralRafael $  Without SUAMP there's no life..
[Mod] Athe97Everyone please stay calm and stop asking when SUAMP will be back up.
We will inform you when it will be up we promise. Now go enjoy life or something
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