Quick Updates
SUAMP will be down for an hour for maintenance
shop should be open
So everyone knows we are still working on the reset, somethings went wrong that delayed my planned time.
Resist the Change: [link]
Dont forget about the Reset: [link]
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[Mod] Athe97Server is back up. Enjoy.
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kandhu   And it's down again.
XzombiesrepicXHow Do I enjoy a life without SUAMP!!!!! ;)
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Baconman205   Without SUAMP, I probably wouldn't play Minecraft. :p
[Mod] Athe97Everyone please stay calm and stop asking when SUAMP will be back up.
We will inform you when it will be up we promise. Now go enjoy life or something
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a_garcia32701 $When is suamp back up
xXazeemXxI Heard that in 1.9 there will be 3-4 blocks that are explosion resistance, so would they be banned or something?
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[Admin] alby555 $  how in the world are they planning foe 1.9 before 1.8 is released
a_garcia32701 $Why suamp down
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[Mod] Athe97   The server has gone through a few glitches and some players logged on with their inventories and enderchests empty. We believe it has something to do with the warp kit world. Nevertheless, the server is most likely down for maintenance. hopefully we won't have to wait very long. Sorry to keep you waiting!
a_garcia32701 $  Ima cry if u dont bring itg up
[Admin] alby555 $  Waiting on urwrst to get on and athe we have no idea what it is that caused this a single world wouldn't cause this.
[Mod] Athe97Remember: the 1.8 update is coming on the 2nd! Can't wait OwO
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TheSoloCactus $Just so we're clear, yes, there are some problems with the server right now. But they are being worked on so please don't pester staff.
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Noumenon72keep dieing
kandhu   Wat.
SUAMP has reached a new record of 1000 registered users today!
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[Mod] Athe97   Thank you everyone for playing SUAMP and being so much to have actually given this server a chance (even though like 3/4 of them already left) im so proud to be appart of this community with you guys! Hope to see this number grow more and more! Ilybbs
[Mod] PrancingDegree6   Wow I can't believe we have hit this many registered players. In all honesty when I joined the server I never new that I would come to love and enjoy it as much as I do. I love working with all the staff and talking with the players. Even though some players may dislike me as staff (I don't know why) I still love playing on the server. Thanks for making this one of my best experiences I have had on a server. I also think that it is safe to say that we all enjoy our time on SUAMP.

carlojuan123 $  you're welcome athe :d
[Owner] UrWrstThnMe   added 90 Ultimate days to SUAMP
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Ninja_Danny00urwrstthnme how much is it for a skeleton spawner
[Owner] UrWrstThnMe   $2.50
[Owner] UrWrstThnMe I will be home Monday Night guys. I hope everything is okay, sorry for being gone so long.
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dotdot07 $  well, when you finally get back, wi;; you unforumban athe and repromote her?
[Owner] UrWrstThnMe   At the airport now.
[Owner] UrWrstThnMe Shop is reopened, for a limited time, while im away.
mr_creeper557   I cant buy stuff tho
[Owner] UrWrstThnMe   It is fixed
[Owner] UrWrstThnMe Sorry that I have been inactive, I am doing an internship in Florida (I live in Massachusetts). I will be back in two days.
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Whitefang400   No bro i live in Flroida stay ,maybe we can drink a cup of coffee D:
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