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GeneralRafaelThank you for everything SUAMP! :)
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[Owner] Athe97   Thank you for being a part of SUAMP!
GeneralRafaelHi guys im back from vacation :)
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mr_creeper557   Why are you having vacation now?
[Owner] Athe97   I'm on vacation too lel
mr_creeper557   Well athe.. your a adult
SlimeMaster01Everyone make sure to tell all your friends to come on SUAMP!!! This will make up for the lack of friends I have :)
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Baconman205   Don't worry slime. You will have friends eventually... you probably have more than me anyways. lol
packers12000   U have us doesn't that count :)
packers12000   :)
DavidPlasmaFTWAlways welcome new players! :) :)
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mr_creeper557Remember to vote for SUAMP everyday ! :)
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[Owner] Athe97 The server is now OPEN! :)
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UrWrstThnMeI would be beyond grateful if anyone donates to my Mothers Funeral:
Click here to support Services for Tammy by Nichole Lovett
Tammy MaDan passed away suddenly September 19th, 2014. She left behind 6 beautiful children, one of whom suffers from severe autism. We would like to have a nice service to honor T...
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kandhu   So many freking likes
[Owner] Athe97 I have been assigned ownership of SUAMP alongside Eli an Nuke who will help me improve the server and bring back the old suamp. If you have any suggestions please contact me on skype: athenais0897
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Whitefang400   I shall be staff in ur server mr_creeper ! -.-
mr_creeper557   Ill see. but ik a lot about factions
ihaschezbrgr   mr_creeper, didn't you technically just advertize...?
SUAMP has reached a new record of 1000 registered users today!
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[Mod] PrancingDegree6   Wow I can't believe we have hit this many registered players. In all honesty when I joined the server I never new that I would come to love and enjoy it as much as I do. I love working with all the staff and talking with the players. Even though some players may dislike me as staff (I don't know why) I still love playing on the server. Thanks for making this one of my best experiences I have had on a server. I also think that it is safe to say that we all enjoy our time on SUAMP.

carlojuan123   you're welcome athe :)
[Admin] NUKE1013   that is great! i'm so proud we got this amount of players!
UrWrstThnMe   added 90 Ultimate days to SUAMP
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SUAMP has reached a new record of 950 registered users today!
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[Mod] PrancingDegree6   Thanks guys for joining our server and making it an awesome time for staff and players. Even though we have our ups and downs I know that everyone enjoys there experience on SUAMP.

[Owner] Athe97   donated $5.00 to SUAMP.
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GeneralRafael   gg
[Mod] PrancingDegree6   Welp someone gets bragging rights
MushokuHakai   i didn't know we could simply donate to the server. That's why I donated for someone's rank. It was to donate to the server one way or another anyways. *Shrugged*
SUAMP has reached a new record of 900 registered users today!
SUAMP has reached a new record of 850 registered users today!
UrWrstThnMe   added 90 Ultimate days to SUAMP
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