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Adding some new designs to the website
Rules have been updated
Roughly two hours until mcSUAMP returns
mcSUAMP is being bombarded by a DdOS attack. I will update later when I figure out when the server may be back.
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micahw17 $You know what's really WRONG on this server... You get punished for racism and spam, but you don't get punished at all for saying all types of swear words (i.e. sexual words and other offensive words). I think that is a problem that should be addressed.
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dotdot07 $  your face is something that needs to be adressed
[Mod] PrancingDegree6   Micah we allow cursing such as swear words but we do not tolerate racism, sexism or Homophobia. You will be punished for using any of those. The reason cursing is a little more tolerable is because so many people do it that we would have no players. This is a message for all players.
[Owner] UrWrstThnMe [MUST READ]
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carlojuan123 $  yay :d :d
elijknygdon't know who edited the website, but it looks sexy af, minus the plus thumb up thing on the right
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[Owner] UrWrstThnMe   I dont like it much either. I will remove it.
[Owner] UrWrstThnMe mcSUAMP is being bombarded by a DdOS attack. I will update later when I figure out when the server may be back.
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[Owner] UrWrstThnMe   Roughly two hours until mcSUAMP returns
carlojuan123 $  yay
dotdot07 $issue report. one sec cooldown NOT fixed. still major lag spikes. NOT FIXED
elijknyg   wow.
NightWatchmenHello my name is Nightwatchmen i haven't been on in a while and i recently logged back on!. i tried to chat but it said "Your voice has been silenced" i dont know what i did and i didn't do anything wrong. perhaps one of the mods or someone mistakes me for someone else? can you please make it so i can chat??
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MushokuHakai $  I'll inform staff about this.
NightWatchmen   thank you
dotdot07 $servers having lag spikes
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[Owner] UrWrstThnMe SUAMP is back up and running. Please report any issues.
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[Mod] Athe97 $As a few of you know, the server is having a few... problems. This is a warning to all. If you break any block from the spawn, you WILL be perma banned. Understood? Good? Perfect.
The server will hopefully be fixed very soon. Until then, behave.
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sircreeperking92 $so as in half day or all day or what we talking
[Mod] Athe97 $  Large portion of the day meaning more than half the day and less than a full day lol
[Owner] UrWrstThnMe mcSUAMP will be done for a large portion of the day for major fixes. We as you give teamSUAMP a try in the meantime!
[Owner] UrWrstThnMe Performing Maintenance on mcSUAMP
manthecannon35 $New raid video is UP! I hope it brings some players to SUAMP!!!! Please check it out, it was a really fun raid! [link]
HUGE Raid! // NexusJay feat. oooReaps "SO MUCH P4!!!"
Sorry if you do not like the music, I rushed the edit to get...
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kandhu   What a raid.
manthecannon35 $Will there ever be a YouTuber rank?
MushokuHakai $  You people and this stupid Youtube rank -_-;
theonethatum   Why Would There Be A Youtuber Rank?
What If You Borrowed Someones Account Like Your Big Brothers account?
[Owner] UrWrstThnMe   No there will not.
[Mod] Athe97 $  donated $5.00 to SUAMP.
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GeneralRafael $  gg
[Mod] PrancingDegree6   Welp someone gets bragging rights
MushokuHakai $  i didn't know we could simply donate to the server. That's why I donated for someone's rank. It was to donate to the server one way or another anyways. *Shrugged*
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