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Event cancelled due to not enough sign ups. A better event will be revealed very soon. Never before seen on SUAMP! #Divergent
The top 10 donators are now view-able on the mcSHOP page
vvv Das gay. Thank you Xx_Papi_xX for purchasing the Elite rank! You look way sexier
Just saying, JadenPvP_, you look sexy with that Champion rank.
Tell your friends to sign up: [link]
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AFewDucksYAAY Divergent event!!
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UrWrstThnMe   added 30 Ultimate days to SUAMP
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UrWrstThnMeThanksgiving Sale: 20% off ranks and rank upgrades.

November 22 -> November 30
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SlimeMaster01Add meh on snapchat and send me you ign! I'll try and respond as much as I can :) (I get really bored of school)

Snapchat: markrut2278
carlojuan123   mah ign is carlojuan123
SlimeMaster01Everyone send REALLY dumb looking snapchats to Athe. :) lol
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AFewDucks   Challenge accepted..... *grabs phone*
(jk lol)
[Mod] xXazeemXx   Can I just take a picture of athe and send it...jk :)
GeneralRafael"Lest We Forget" -Remembrance Day 2014
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TheKingTimBe sure to diamond SUAMP on Planet Minecraft if you haven't already!!!
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DavidPlasmaFTWThis creeper egg glitch is really annoying.... Not being able to place ANY eggs and sometimes TNT Doesnt explode, can you fix it? :)
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EddieDaElephantWhy isn't there minigame or parkour :)
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mr_creeper557   There used to be..
[Admin] elijknyg   we're going to add mob arena soon and see if it adds any lag, we may add more games if the test is successful, and we'll have a good parkour up soon lol
AFewDucks   Parkour's fun
mr_creeper557It would've been cool If SUAMP had a /kit trickortreat for a halloween special.. But no, none of the admins think like this .
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mr_creeper557   mhm, there should be a kit every holiday..
AFewDucks   Kit thanksgiving should be leather armor dyed and a TON of food
kandhu   pls no chicken
GeneralRafaelSUAMP est l'un des meilleurs serveur dans le monde !
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Whitefang400   And athe said that she agreed
carlojuan123   staph using Google translate
[Mod] xXazeemXx   I thought it said Suamp is the best server on mondays
MCGamerX19   donated $1.00 to SUAMP.
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[Owner] Athe97   Thank you for donating to SUAMP, MCGamerX19!
GeneralRafaelThank you for everything SUAMP! :)
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[Owner] Athe97   Thank you for being a part of SUAMP!
SlimeMaster01Everyone make sure to tell all your friends to come on SUAMP!!! This will make up for the lack of friends I have :)
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Baconman205   Don't worry slime. You will have friends eventually... you probably have more than me anyways. lol
packers12000   U have us doesn't that count :)
packers12000   :)
DavidPlasmaFTWAlways welcome new players! :) :)
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