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AZN_Nachos and AZN_Nachos   added a total of 14 Ultimate days to SUAMP
AZN_Nachos and AZN_Nachos   donated a total of $10.00 to SUAMP
UrWrstThnMe   added 30 Ultimate days to SUAMP
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SlimeMaster01 Remember to use our ticket system if there are any server issues :)
SlimeMaster01 Today marks my 1 year anniversary on SUAMP! Thanks for a great year! <3
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PrancingDegree6   Don't want to be a party pooper but it says you joined Feb 8 2014.
SlimeMaster01   That's probably when I joined the website. I'm talking about first time I logged on
TheKingTimHappy Winter Solstice!
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ihaschezbrgr   And Merry Noo Yere.
UrWrstThnMe   added 30 Ultimate days to SUAMP
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evaggelos12in /kit newyear it can be a red lether armour,cakes and fireworks
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evaggelos12in the /kit christmas it can be, an op bow,and op sword and fireworks
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DavidPlasmaFTWOn the christmas kit i think we should have like fireworks and prot 4 dio armour with 3 gapples and a sharp 3 sword not forgetting 5.000(only use it once)
DavidPlasmaFTW   Yeah but you can only use it once, so it's good...
[Owner] Athe97 What would you like in your New Year kit guys? Planning ahead so that I don't forget lol :)
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ihaschezbrgr   Green and Red Leather Armor with 64 cookies named "Santa's Cookies." Also an enchanted iron sword with Unbreaking I and an enchanted diamond pickaxe with Unbreaking I (Enchanted so that people can't enchant them to make them super op).
GeneralRafael   A book that will make your day :)
xXazeemXx   I think you should have fireworks, since thats what people use on new years
UrWrstThnMePlanetMinecraft is the most important site to vote on! Please keep voting there. It would also be terrific if you could Diamond, Favorite and leave a comment! :) thank you
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SlimeMaster01   Everyone that does gets a sacred compliment from Eli! (He doesn't know about this)
UrWrstThnMeA few features you may have not known about:
- Visit the 'Members' page @ [link]
- You can create/edit your motto
- You can view the top 20 players of all time and the top ten players of the month
- You can view upcoming birthdays
- You can also sort every member that has joined by the following criteria: Alphabetical Order, Join Date, Last Seen, Credit Points, and Motto
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[Admin] elijknygDon't forget our shop sale ends on November 30th guys - It's 20% off on all ranks/upgrades!
Merry Thanksgiving and don't get trampled tomorrow while shopping :)
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TheKingTim   ur such a stud eli
ihaschezbrgr   Yes, we'll all get trampled when trying to squeeze through Urwrstthnme's computer screen into the virtual store to try and purchase rank. We'll all trample each other for those fantastic 20% off deals :)
UrWrstThnMe   added 30 Ultimate days to SUAMP
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theonethatum   Thanks UrWrstThnMe
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